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More HD!

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Get DIRECTV™ on your phone!

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DIRECTV™ for your home simply doesn't get any better than this!

Why sign up through us?  Simple, we care and you deserve the best!

Quite simply, an authorized independent dealer such as our company, can react to your requirements much faster and with a much greater level of care.  You are also dealing with the same people every time!

Below is information on the various packages and equipment options that are available.  If you have questions,  feel free to call us at 888-590-4872 or use the "CONTACT" tab above and drop us a line!  Incidentally, when you call, you will be speaking to a real live person, not an automated messaging system!


DIRECTV™ brings you the absolute best of everything!

The best in the latest ground-breaking equipment.  The very best in programming.  The most HD programming. The most sports from around the world.  International programming.  Even programs in 3D!  Wait until you see the dramatic difference between HD and Ultra HD!  Simply stunning!


When it comes to TV's, Samsung is our recommendation!

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with a great variety of brands, and there are some good ones out there.  However, when you balance longevity in the harshest of environments coupled with price and top of the line features and a quality picture that does DIRECTV" justice, we give Samsung our stamp of approval without hesitation!