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State Of The art Simplicity!

Provide the ULTIMATE entertainment your residents demand!  DIRECTV D2 ADVANTAGE™ LITE, a solution for buildings of 20 units or less, is an exclusive technology that makes getting the ultimate TV experience easier through a centralized distribution system.

When DIRECTV™ moves in, everyone will want to

Brand your property a DIRECTV™ property with no investment required!  Bring your residents the ultimate TV experience.  They’ll enjoy access to the most movies in 1080p HD, plus over 7,000 shows and movies at no extra charge and DIRECTV™ also has the most HD with over 190 full-time HD channels. 

A simple, centralized distribution system!

 Enhance building appearance without the clutter of multiple satellite dishes.  Only one dish is required per building.  Once a building is assigned  to our company by DIRECTV™, you and your residents will have a single contact!  That's right, even if a resident calls the corporate office to order programming, it is referred to our company!  No more dishes hanging everywhere!

Multiple programming packages and agreements

Residents are eligible for nationally offered rates.  They are billed directly for their programming packages, equipment and service upgrades.

Why can't I order DIRECTV D2 ADVANTAGE™ LITE on-line from your company?

Simple.  We care.  In order to set your property up correctly and answer any questions you have, we have to have the "picture."  Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) and the D2 ADVANTAGE™ LITE require a full knowledge of all aspects of your property and rather than "fire off" tons of email back and forth and guess at the rest, we like to keep things simple and orderly.  With almost 20 years of doing this, we know what works!  Much less confusion and you get the information you want quickly!  We want your experience to an exceptionally good one.