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DIRECTV™ turns your bar customers into regulars

Drive your business with exclusive marketing tools to bring in customers

Don't think of DIRECTV™ as just a television service - consider us your teammate!  Through the DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program, you'll be listed on our exclusive mobile app and have access to a full roster of marketing tools to help you bring in more customers.

Customized Advertising & Merchandise Site

Brand your business a DIRECTV™ Sports Headquarters with free customizable advertising and on-premise materials, including flyers, door hangers, banners and posters, to drive traffic to your business.

On-Premise Sports Kits

Pack the house with on-premise materials, including banners, posters, coasters and more, to draw in bigger crowds and more business.

Sports Bar Finder iPhone® & Android™ App

Watch your business grow with this convenient app that helps sports fans find a bar or restaurant in their area.

Weekly Sports Schedules

Get the latest matchups and programming on DIRECTV™ so you can drive traffic with the most popular sporting events and shows.  Available via email or through DIRECTV's custom advertising and merchandise site.

Sonic Tap for your music

Power your sound system using DIRECTV's Sonic Tap package for your music needs.  In addition to more than 80 commercial-free music channels, all licensing fees are included in you subscription!  There is no requirement for you to pay "royalty fees" because DIRECTV™ has you covered!