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Frequently Asked Questions - DIRECTV D2 ADVANTAGE™ LITE


A new technology that distributes DIRECTV™ service to every unit through a small centralized system. All the residents need a set-top box.

Do residents who sign up for DIRECTV™ service need their own satellite dishes?

No. DIRECTV D2 ADVANTAGE™ eliminates the need for individual dishes.  The centralized system enables residents to receive the full range of DIRECTV™ services, including over 190 full-time HD channels, multi-room viewing capabilities, MediaShare and international programming.

Who services the system after it is installed?

 We do!  That's right, the same people you talk here at ITSC are the same people that the residents deal with!

Will my residents receive the full DIRECTV™ experience?

Yes.  Residents will have access to everything DIRECTV™ has to offer, including HD programming, local channels, DIRECTV™ Whole-Home DVR service, DIRECTV™ On Demand and much more.

Why should I choose DIRECTV™ for my residents?

DIRECTV™ is the number one satellite TV service in the country with over 19 million subscribers.  If you want the best value, more full-time HD channels than any cable or other satellite provider and the most sports, choose DIRECTV™