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DIRECTV™ For Your Business Can Help You Grow!

We are the experts when it comes to commercial DIRECTV™!

Attention property owners!

If you are tired of tenants trashing your facility with satellite dishes, give us a call!  Did you know that a properly installed infrastructure will let all tenants receive DIRECTV™ programming?  One single dish can supply an entire property or, if the property was not "tied-in" together, one dish per building can let all of your tenants enjoy the best in entertainment!  Don't loose precious revenue because you don't have vacancies facing the required direction!  This same technology applies to strip malls, office complexes, duplex units and condos as well.  If you would like additional information, drop us a line and add "Mike" to the subject line.


DIRECTV™ turns your customers into regulars and is must have programming, especially for a sports bar!  Not one other programming provider even comes close to what DIRECTV™ has to offer, from the most HD programming to the most sports!  DIRECTV™ helps drive "big" business your way.  You will be listed on their Bar-Finder mobile app, letting potential customers know that they can see their favorite team at your place!  You will receive lot's of promotional materials from coasters to glasses, banners and signage supporting the sports packages you carry.  Let your community know you have DIRECTV™!  It pays!


While your customers are waiting, provide them with some entertainment!  Their experience  will be much more enjoyable than simply staring at walls!  Show your customers you care!


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